How to Build a Brain

  Lately, I’ve been fascinated with the field of artificial intelligence.  I don’t have the math to dive deep but I do understand the concepts at play.  Ladies and gentlemen: I urge you to pay attention, as it’s our future.   Here’s a quick layperson look at how a computer gets a brain that I […]

Generator, Burlington’s makerspace

Generator is a maker space in the heart of Burlington, Vermont. It’s three years in the making, the first spent with my energetic and talented co-founders at a cafe table in August First Bakery. Little more than squatters, we went to work and transformed an unused 6,000 square feet of a city building.  At our […]

Work in Progress

  Two essays in the works. The first is on my complicated relationship with music, how it stops time, triggers memories, fills the brain to the exclusion of all else, and promotes jealousies that interfere with my writing world.  It explores as well the many years of classical training I’ve had, the awards and achievements, […]

What We Do For Love

What wouldn’t we do might be the more accurate inquiry . . . The first frog appeared on the deck far above the lawn, a tiny green creature apparently lost. I relocated it to more hospitable turf. The second turned up in the screen room, which had to have been a trick for the little […]

What’s Next?

Tomorrow begins a two-day affair in which I will receive an honorary degree in letters from the University of Vermont, my new best friend. It’s a lovely honor meant to acknowledge a body of work, especially as it relates to my abiding interest in the creative process. The university has supplied details of what to expect, […]

How to Innovate

Happy accidents can set you off into new and dynamic directions, but intentionality is also a path forward and one more in your control. Consider this example. Music-video maker Chris Milk had begun to feel his medium, which includes YouTube, was stale, when he met up with web star Aaron Koblin who was also frustrated […]

Is the Postcard Still Worth Anything?

  Here are three postcard stories. Decide for yourself. 1. While a sick (now robust) friend of mine was going through cancer treatment, another friend sent him a handmade postcard every single day. He kept them displayed on the kitchen counter, and some of us sneaked a peak when we dropped off meals. Snooping is […]


Apologies if you haven’t found me. I’ve been hacked!  Just about back together and with a new look. See you Friday, same time, same place. Thanks for stopping by. ~ Denise

Does Your Reader Trust You?

There’s a famous photo of Lyndon B. Johnson sitting despondently, with his head in his hands after he learned that, in a rare moment of editorializing, the venerable CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite characterized the Vietnam War as all but lost. For nineteen tumultuous years, millions of Americans had tuned in every night to hear […]

Taking Stock

This is the third look at the numbers. The firstwas at 6 months. The secondwas at 1 year.  This one is late at 2½ years. Choosing the metrics for it is never a value-free process, and collecting the data is an occupation, but even a loosely gathered set of facts can be revealing. At post number […]

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