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Apologies if you haven’t found me. I’ve been hacked!  Just about back together and with a new look. See you Friday, same time, same place. Thanks for stopping by. ~ Denise

Break These Rules

The written arts, like any art, demand the antithesis of formula. The writer must always consider his options, many of which lie beyond the fences. Break through the barriers, and what is original, brilliant, provocative, controversial, and/or authentic about you and your work has a chance to shine. While it’s important to know what masters […]

Write through the Back Door

Any path to a writing life is a fine one. Some people come to it along the mentored path of education, which leads the student from class to class, critique to critique, right to the front door of a party raging, the guests within all satin and heels, all turn of a shirt collar. It’s […]

Working Papers

Something finished comes from something unfinished. Sketches for the painting. Drafts for the writer. Once in a while, these things are available for public scrutiny. One writer tells me of his time in the British Museum studying edited manuscripts, Charles Dickens, for example, splayed right before him. It was access to the writer’s thinking—his cross […]

Blind Man, No Bluff

At a recent party hosted by one of my sons, a guest  told me about his college’s writing program. One teacher stood out, he said.  A pony-tailed guy (first description), who accepted everything I wrote (second description), and who gave me all the time I wanted and taught me how to do it. It’s not […]

Choosing to Write

Did I write in college? No. Middlebury’s English department, studded with black-clad dramatic types and buzzing with an intellectual intensity that was nearly palpable, might well have been the surface of Mars to my twenty-something self. I was terrified, and so I fled to the comparatively tamer moons of history, planted a flag. And from […]

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