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What is Truth?

I’m a big believer in the dictionary, but I don’t think it will help much here. For a writer, the truth is very complicated. Some of the truest things we write are fiction. And yet, some of the coldest facts we can muster are not nearly the whole story. Once, long ago, I sent an […]

What Secrets do You Keep?

As a writer, you’ll collect a great deal of information from others. You can hear a lot, if you’re listening. If you’re asking questions, you’ll hear even more. What you use from what you gather is for you to decide. Absent an agreement to the contrary, here are the rules I follow: If someone says […]

Our Craving for Illusion

Readers want illusion. They want to be fascinated and charmed, and why not? And we writers have to use our witchery and glamour to provide this desired state of being. It doesn’t matter what we write, as anything agreeable will do. Even when reading the daily news, a reader still appreciates the illusion of being […]

The Element of Time (and God)

Recently, I bumped into author Jon Winokur—online, that is, where everyone meets. I recognized his name from the first communication, as I have one of his earliest books, The Portable Curmudgeon. The email said that he gave this site a thumbs-up mention on his blog, and so I sent a thank you. Using Twitter, I […]

Tell Stories that Matter

We all tell stories, and creative people—from the boardroom to the alley—tell the best ones. A good story is something that strikes us as interesting, informative, maybe, and above all engaging. If it were a food, it might be described as meaty, or juicy, or fresh. Stories that don’t really matter are optional, like the […]

Start Here for Success

Every few days, it seems, someone sends me a sweet little video and within a second of viewing, I’m hooked. In the beginning, the point to the film is not the point. It’s the mood, music and visuals that draw a person right in. As always, I’m struck by how many resources other art forms […]

A Tip from a Psychic

I grew up with a father who was a doctor, a man of science, and a mother who possessed a vibrant spiritual life anchored in a strong connection to the psychic world. This made for a lively household, underscored in no small measure by mother’s exuberant and curious spirit. My mother worked at redirecting energies. […]

Playing it by the Numbers

I spent 8 months learning to blog. I needed 10. There were 3 blogs I studied most intently, but some 50 passed before my eyes. Current wisdom suggested 30 finished pieces before I launched. I had 48 ideas and partial sketches of 10, but 0 finished. The shortest piece came together in 30 minutes. The […]

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