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Just the Facts

As the cop says to the old lady, “Just the facts, ma’am.” Number of months blogging: 8. Number of posts: 65. Ones I particularly like:  21.  Website tune-ups: 3. Improvements in the works: 3. Posts pulled from an inventory of ideas: 15.  Freshly conceived, more contemporaneously inspired posts: 50.  Rate of new pieces generated as […]

Time for a Break

On vacation. Next post Friday, August 27th. See you then. Thanks for stopping by. Photo credit: sand piper, barloventomagico

How to Refocus

Feeling busy, harried, distractible? In need of a change? It’s simple, says a friend, and any encouragement a person might need to pursue a new order of the day is instantly mustered by such assuring words. Step out of one’s routines and take a big breath of different air. Suspend normal activities. Suspend normal in […]

The Iconic Image

We don’t pick the images in our lives that stand out. These things just happen. Take pancakes, for example. Twice, the image of a pancake has come to stand for something much more. The first time was when a law partner called me into his office, closed the door. I was expecting a boatload of […]

Working Papers

Something finished comes from something unfinished. Sketches for the painting. Drafts for the writer. Once in a while, these things are available for public scrutiny. One writer tells me of his time in the British Museum studying edited manuscripts, Charles Dickens, for example, splayed right before him. It was access to the writer’s thinking—his cross […]

Living Out Loud

Not long ago, in a café where my husband’s photos hung, I had breakfast with Pamela, the co-founder and editor of Seven Days. Her newspaper is the indispensable press in these parts, with print and digital editions. Pamela’s hair—short, standing, certainly red—might be first thing anyone notices about her. But there’s also her wardrobe, a […]

Choosing a Name

I know people who have used aliases, and changed a name, and changed a pronunciation, and buried the old in favor of the partner’s surname, and taken on a nickname. But I have only come across two people who went by a first name only. In one case, it was a vanity thing, or at […]

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