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What’s the Big Idea?

There’s a difference between mere talk and telling stories. Bump into a friend and you’ll hear about the kids, the job, the vacation. . . And while you’re happy for the news, it doesn’t add up to anything momentous or lasting. A story is much more than these bits and pieces. At its simplest, it’s […]

Silence the Censor

Do you, at times, have your doubts? Do you look over your material and hear that nasty little interior voice saying no way, absolutely not, NO? If you’re going to get any work done, you have to kick the nay-sayer to the curb. That’s just a fact of a writing life. For an hour, a […]

Getting Lucky

How’s your writing going? Have you achieved any of your goals? Published what you wanted? Able to define yourself as an author, as a writer?  Not much luck these days? Then let’s get you some. Here are three things that will help. First, if you’re inclined to believe you’re lucky, you are. Consider this, from […]

Is it Done Yet?

How do you know when a work is done? Every writer grapples with this question, and newer writers in particular. If writing were a soup, a new cook or a harried seasoned pro might be tempted to simply chop things quickly, throw in all the ingredients, stir, simmer, adjust the seasonings, and call it done—maybe […]

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