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Happy New Year

Happy New Year. Relax.  You’re good. Hey, have you heard? Nothing stays the same. This year, Pluto was downgraded from a planet. Narcissism was demoted from the status of a psychological disorder. And we’re not the same writers we were a year ago, either. We have matured, which is the prize of a working life. […]

The Helpful Blogs of 2010

I’m a big believer in continuous learning. Fortunately, I can do this from my desk, coffee in hand. These are some of the places I go when it’s time to kick back and see what someone else is doing: Alltop—short for “all topics”— is a compendium of blogs, the best-of gathered for a number […]

A Last Look at the Numbers

There are still 2 weeks before New Year’s, still time to sweep out the old, prepare for the new, our writing house included. The past  2 posts looked at what went wrong and what went right.  Today, for the 3rd and last time this year, I look at my numbers. People who favor words don’t […]

What Went Right

We’re pushing into the end of the year, which is a great time to assess what’s what, our writing lives included. Take this blog, for example. Last week, I looked at what went wrong. Today, I consider what went right. At nearly a year old, I can report that a few things came together well: […]

What Went Wrong?

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