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Can you Put it in a Single Sentence?

Writing is never easy, but with your purpose distilled, it gets easier. Once you know what you’re doing, and can put it in a single sentence that isn’t painful to your own ears, you’re on you way. One reason the single sentence is so necessary is that you’ll have to talk about your work sooner […]

Nine Ways to Done

This blog runs Fridays, which means written, illustrated, formatted, and “publish” hit with my first cup of coffee. Some posts come along quickly and others not so much. I can throw six away before I get a good one. But come Friday, flying-high-day, it has to be done, and so it is. I do other […]

How to Find your Passion

The other day, the newspaper carried a story on Pakistan with a photo of a bricklayer on the front page. There he was, a young man in the dust of a street, a pile of bricks up to his elbows, and a serious, tired look to his face. At 18, the article said, he is […]

How to Conduct an Interview

The Preliminaries Use names. Establish ground rules. If you’re taping, get permission on tape. Be honest. You don’t want to trick or trap. Be fair. What’s identified as “off the record” stays that way, but you can try to redraw the boundaries. How about if I put it this way . . . ? Perhaps, you’d […]

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