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Watch that Tone of Voice, Missy!

What is tone? Tone of voice in writing, as in speaking, is not about what you say, but how you say it. If you were to tell a story in person, you would be able to call upon your gestures, facial expressions, and pitch of voice to put the mood across. If you were directing […]

Follow the Odd Fact

Good stories are birthed in part from keen observation. This covers a lot of territory. The writer must, from on high to down low, see it all, or at least a lot of it, and make some sense of it, but once in a while you stumble, caught up on an odd fact. 1.  What’s odd? […]

Fact, Fiction, or the Gospel Truth?

Let’s talk about bells for a minute. We all have some experience with bells. I know of a little glass one, for example, that was rung discretely at a Central Park West dining table to beckon the servant. And another that jingled so engagingly when a particular pastry shop door opened on the Left Bank […]

Break These Rules

The written arts, like any art, demand the antithesis of formula. The writer must always consider his options, many of which lie beyond the fences. Break through the barriers, and what is original, brilliant, provocative, controversial, and/or authentic about you and your work has a chance to shine. While it’s important to know what masters […]

What’s your Point of View?

Who is telling the story and in what voice? The lens through which your reader sees, hears, and otherwise experiences the story is the story’s point of view. The POV you choose allows you to direct your reader’s attention to whatever detail, opinion, or emotion you seek to develop. It sets the feel and tone […]

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