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Coincidence and the Writer

In real life, coincidence comes in lots of packages. Maybe you’ve met someone only to discover a mysterious kinship. Or a piece of news comes to you in some unexpected fashion. Or an object turns up that presents an odd connection. I’ve even read of someone who bought a house for no better reason than […]

Do We Write for Love?

The aerobics room pulses to a beat of four. I want your love; I don’t wanna be your friend. I want your love! I don’t wanna be your friend! Muscles stinging, eager to put my attention someplace else, I consider what a writer might think of this refrain. Do we want love from our writing? […]

Plenty of Words in the Pantry?

Once, on an outing with my mother, I consulted a psychic in Toronto, who left his mark with me. What do I remember? Not much beyond his canny accuracy on the only three things he told me. In fact, I did very shortly have some teeth issues. And yes, I did favor flashy boyfriends. And […]

How to Break a Scandal

Everyone knows this moment.  Something dishy, something trashy, some god fallen, principles tested, and the street full of speculation. If you, the writer, find yourself involved in this kind of story, something messy and dangerous, awkward and sad, how will you handle it? Ask yourself: Do you need to tell this story? Are you sure? […]

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