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How to Find your Brand

Finding your brand—voice, approach, look, message, identity—is not as hard as some make out. Rather, it’s a question of gathering lots of data. That’s first. And then, analyzing it with an open mind. One small concrete example is provided by this blog. When I started, my mission was to address any and all things related […]

Does a Writer Need Hope?

We all have our hobbies. I can’t resist a good criminal trial. I’ve followed, for example, the Bernie Madoff case from the get-go. Now, nearly fifty years in the making, we’re up to sentencing of the convicted mastermind of the most sweeping Ponzi scheme in history, Judge Denny Chin of the U.S. District Court presiding.  […]

A Daily Rhythm

You have a working life, and another life. For this writer, anyway, it’s really best if the two don’t merge or things get muddy, neither side of a day managed with the crisp efficiency I prefer. Real life, it seems, is a raucous, wild, wonderful, tragic, crazy thing with ups and downs that can curl […]

A Post Gains Weight

Where does a blog begin? For me, it starts with something that catches my attention, nothing big usually, just the seed of an idea, but something interesting, or confusing, or intriguing enough to rouse me from the quotidian and bring me to my desk. I try a few lines. A few more.  I make a […]

The Writer Cries Uncle

Anyone who’s ever come up against Mother Nature knows that she always wins, no exceptions. My place provides plenty of examples. The poison ivy will always best me, and every spring, I can count on gaping holes in my screen room from fierce winter winds. This spring, I also found the ceiling fan ripped from […]

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