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The Writer and Frustration

Has it been a day for you? Banging your head against the wall?  Oh well. Take heart. It comes with the territory.  And it isn’t all bad. Here’s a plan for managing frustration: 1. Frustration can be a prelude to a creative breakthrough. There will be times when you’ll feel you’ve had enough, and so […]

Fightin’ Words

I ran into a friend who is the co-founder and co-publisher of Seven Days, the weekly, independent news most worth reading in these parts. She said she had the worst publishing day in memory. And since it launched in 1995, a lot of water gone by as you might imagine, it seemed quite a claim. […]

Pick a Decent Title, and Move On

Titles are a variation on names. And names, as we all know, can set destiny. Whether you’re naming a book, story, essay, blog, or post, you’ll find a good title. You just have to prime the pump, let the backwater gush, and wait for the clear, clean answer to emerge. Here’s how it went, for […]

The Writer and the Restless Mind

Which came first: the restless mind or the writing life? For this writer anyway, it was a mind like a swollen river that cascades with a ceaseless vengeance down a steep and rocky decline.  It refused to settle down and behave already. And it remains ever so. A romantic looks at this all-powerful surge, the […]

Whither the Word?

Why bother with words when a picture can say it all? The advertisement in the magazine, the Pulitzer Prize winning photo on the front page of the news, the family snapshot—each conveys all you need to know  The advertisement shows that some people live fairy tale lives. The Pulitzer photo shows a harsh or beautiful […]

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