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The Wind of Destiny

“We are living in a storm where a hundred contradictory elements collide; debris from the past, scraps of the present, seeds of the future, swirling, combining, separating under the imperious wind of destiny.” These words of a poet, published in a French literary journal more than a century ago, still seem exactly right, especially tomorrow night, […]

The Good, the Bad, and the Unclear

What went well these past twelve months, and what could have gone better? I’m supposed to ask myself this every quarter—it’s in the plan!—but that part of the plan, two years running now, has fizzled. Still, it’s not too late: 1.  TIME On a good day, I can look up and be amazed that five […]

Open to Interpretation

We who write the words can entertain, confound, confirm—anything can be concluded from what we say, intended or not. Sometimes I forget this. Recently, however, I got a reminder, courtesy of a party game devised for the amusement of our guests. At the heart of it were ornaments labeled specifically for each person, but by […]

“Everyone came to the party . . . ”

“Everyone came to the party, even those who were not invited,” reads the line in chapter eight of my novel that introduces a pivotal scene. It’s a line from real life. In fact, I’ve just uttered those same words, as I prepare for an upcoming gathering of friends. Of course, I used the present tense, […]

A Writer’s Influences

This blog took some months to conceptualize. These were some of the writers whose works I admired and from whom I took inspiration: Seymour Britchky, for his tart, bright, and straight voice showcased in his restaurant reviews from the 1980s. Richard Critchfield, for his nonfiction narratives, his roving, vagabond soul and his respect for humanity. […]

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