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What’s Next?

Tomorrow begins a two-day affair in which I will receive an honorary degree in letters from the University of Vermont, my new best friend. It’s a lovely honor meant to acknowledge a body of work, especially as it relates to my abiding interest in the creative process. The university has supplied details of what to expect, […]

How to Innovate

Happy accidents can set you off into new and dynamic directions, but intentionality is also a path forward and one more in your control. Consider this example. Music-video maker Chris Milk had begun to feel his medium, which includes YouTube, was stale, when he met up with web star Aaron Koblin who was also frustrated […]

Is the Postcard Still Worth Anything?

  Here are three postcard stories. Decide for yourself. 1. While a sick (now robust) friend of mine was going through cancer treatment, another friend sent him a handmade postcard every single day. He kept them displayed on the kitchen counter, and some of us sneaked a peak when we dropped off meals. Snooping is […]


Apologies if you haven’t found me. I’ve been hacked!  Just about back together and with a new look. See you Friday, same time, same place. Thanks for stopping by. ~ Denise