Silence the Censor

Do you, at times, have your doubts? Do you look over your material and hear that nasty little interior voice saying no way, absolutely not, NO?

If you’re going to get any work done, you have to kick the nay-sayer to the curb. That’s just a fact of a writing life.

For an hour, a day, an entire writing week, give yourself a break, and make it an anything goes zone.

And when, some hard work later, you’ve penned as much as you can, take the day off. Go out, refresh, and embrace your world. Later, you can rework it.

Later, you can cut out the dead. The redundant. The confusing.

But now?  No limits. No expectations. No old biddy standing over your shoulder, ruler at the ready to rap your knuckles. Welcome to the yes zone. Let it fly. And have a good time.

Photo credit: Mel Lindstrom

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