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7 Questions on Memoir

Where should I start? You could start at the beginning, if you can find it. You could also take a more fool-proof approach and list your significant moments—forks in the road, times of change, the great highs and terrible lows—and start with any of these. Just write the scene. And then write another, and another. You […]

Do You Need to Know the Ending?

This is a “yes, but” situation. Yes: If you don’t know where you’re going, how can you chart a course to get there? A whole lot can happen in the middle, some of which might take you by surprise and affect the ending, but when you pull out your star charts, and man the ship’s […]

The Measure of a Man

I always read the obituaries—especially those that start on the front page. It’s the one place that I can absorb, in a single smooth gulp, the entire arc of a person’s life as seen from the perspective of a dispassionate observer. There, in columnar inches, I trace where he began, and where it took him. […]

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