The Helpful Blogs of 2010

I’m a big believer in continuous learning. Fortunately, I can do this from my desk, coffee in hand. These are some of the places I go when it’s time to kick back and see what someone else is doing: Alltop—short for “all topics”— is a compendium of blogs, the best-of gathered for a number of arenas, and the brainchild of the multi-talented Guy Kawasaki. His page for writers lists over 100 blogs: Ranging from how-to information, to inspiration, to the demands of such diverse forms of writing from blogging, to short stories, to novels, this is the page that will deliver it all. is the work of Leo Babauta, perhaps better known for his His colleague, Mary Jaksch, of, joined him as Chief Editor. Their mission is to explore the art and craft of writing.  Clean, concise posts on a variety of topics keep me coming back for more., the creation of Brian Clarke, is a blog on the art of blogging.  Each post is presented in a visually pleasing, list-like, and formulaic manner. If I need to know how a polished brand looks and functions, I look to Brian Clarke, a master at it. His senior editor, Sonia Simone, is also one to read, wherever you find her in print.

There is a science to blogging, as much as an art and craft, and Dan Zarella, at, lays it out in compelling, quickly digestible format, which includes easy-to-read graphs. He calls himself a “social media scientist,” which seems to suit him well. He also can be found or guest blogging at Thanks to him, I now know that the best time to tweet is Fridays, 4:00 p.m.

Carol Tice at provides, as her subtitle states, “frank advice for writers,” and attempts to take away the mystery. She isn’t as slick or as branded as others on this list and that gives her work something of a refreshing air. As she experiments, like real people doing real work, we learn.

Finally, www.marketingtoday uses video as its centerpiece.  Each post is a new clip on some aspect of marketing, an area the busy writer too often ignores. In each, the founder, the amiable Dr. Ralph Wilson, interviews an expert on a specific subject, many of which pertain to improving the delivery of one’s blog. Oh, and don’t let the “God bless” of his signature line throw you. He’s all business, in his conversational way, and besides, I figure we can use all the blessings we can get.