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“Help!” she cried. What Every Writer Needs

To grow a good writing life, you need more than a pencil and notepad at the ready. You need a team of helpers, including these five advisors: 1.  An editor, who can help you turn awkward phrasings into elegant prose, delete the redundant and superfluous, flag errors, and tell you when something essential is missing, […]

Trash and the Written Word

It’s probably good to have a moment when everything turns inside out on a project, when you have to start over. I didn’t say fun—I said good. Before I went nearly paperless, I trashed forests-full of material. One project in particular comes to mind: a novel. I had written lots of successful things before this—books, […]

The Cutting Room Floor

I just finished a new essay, my eleventh, and though I say this about every essay or story, it was a devil from the beginning. This one concerned matters of faith, sticky moments, and my father’s death. Any one of these subjects is hell for an essay and I had tripled up my misery. I […]

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