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The Best Thing that Ever Happened to my Writing

A number of things have helped my writing along, but best thing that ever happened was to stop caring so much.  This came about gradually. In fact it took a couple of decades. Rejection hastened things along. “No. Sorry. I’m afraid I’m not the right for this.”  “You have me stumped; I can’t do a […]

Silence the Censor

Do you, at times, have your doubts? Do you look over your material and hear that nasty little interior voice saying no way, absolutely not, NO? If you’re going to get any work done, you have to kick the nay-sayer to the curb. That’s just a fact of a writing life. For an hour, a […]

The Iconic Image

We don’t pick the images in our lives that stand out. These things just happen. Take pancakes, for example. Twice, the image of a pancake has come to stand for something much more. The first time was when a law partner called me into his office, closed the door. I was expecting a boatload of […]

Winged Messenger

Bruce Chatwin, English novelist and travel writer, was the first author whose death, twenty-one years ago, made me sad.  A devoted reader, I thought we could have been friends. I liked his work, admired his storytelling. I was intrigued by his life.  And I learned from him. A free man, he could take off on […]

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