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How to Innovate

Happy accidents can set you off into new and dynamic directions, but intentionality is also a path forward and one more in your control. Consider this example. Music-video maker Chris Milk had begun to feel his medium, which includes YouTube, was stale, when he met up with web star Aaron Koblin who was also frustrated […]

Getting Lucky

How’s your writing going? Have you achieved any of your goals? Published what you wanted? Able to define yourself as an author, as a writer?  Not much luck these days? Then let’s get you some. Here are three things that will help. First, if you’re inclined to believe you’re lucky, you are. Consider this, from […]

The Ebb and Flow

There are times when writers can’t seem to write, or when everything we write is just plain terrible. Writer’s block, as some call it, is a common affliction. We moan. We groan. We take to the bed, drink fluids. But in our fear, our misery, we tend to forget that it’s just the natural rhythm […]

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