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A Writer Will Go Anywhere

These are raw notes. Unedited. Unshaped. Bricks for a later construction I may or may not build. The scene is a coffee shop, but not the kind you think. This is Amsterdam. Narrow place. Two seats in the far corner of the bar. Bar top is polished steel and dark wood burnished with the soft […]

7 Questions on Memoir

Where should I start? You could start at the beginning, if you can find it. You could also take a more fool-proof approach and list your significant moments—forks in the road, times of change, the great highs and terrible lows—and start with any of these. Just write the scene. And then write another, and another. You […]

A Writer Goes to a Party

With some regularity, a writer—any creator, really—has to get out of the chair and into the world, or what he or she has to contribute will fail to interest anyone for very long. An invitation to a party is one such opportunity, but some writers, so used to working alone, find excuses not to attend. […]

In Pursuit of a Rabbit

Once, I interviewed a lot of geniuses, my little tape recorder in hand. On a tight deadline and tempted to seek secretarial help, I’m glad I chose instead to transcribe the tapes myself. Not only did this pull me by the lapels right up close to the material, but I got some surprises. One was […]

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