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What We Do For Love

What wouldn’t we do might be the more accurate inquiry . . . The first frog appeared on the deck far above the lawn, a tiny green creature apparently lost. I relocated it to more hospitable turf. The second turned up in the screen room, which had to have been a trick for the little […]

19 Reasons Why You’ll Never Finish

Spoken from my been-there, done-that, know-it-well life, here is what can complicate a nice, clean run to the finish: 1. Your brain has turned to gelatin. Your muscles are mush. Fatigue sets in. No energy, no writing. 2. Anything is easier than writing. The ironing. The kids. The vacuum. The correspondence. 3. Email and social […]

The Writer and Obsession

Here is a measure of my personal experience with obsession: once with a man, once with a story, three times involving children, once involving a sibling. There are five things I can tell you for sure about obsession. 1. It can be fatal. That’s the nature of obsession. It consumes you. 2. It’s not a […]

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