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19 Reasons Why You’ll Never Finish

Spoken from my been-there, done-that, know-it-well life, here is what can complicate a nice, clean run to the finish: 1. Your brain has turned to gelatin. Your muscles are mush. Fatigue sets in. No energy, no writing. 2. Anything is easier than writing. The ironing. The kids. The vacuum. The correspondence. 3. Email and social […]

At the End of the Day

I have seen the face of heaven, and it is a fortieth high school reunion. Forty years is a lot of river gone by. Divorce, disease, death, disappointment—there was plenty of it. But there were also the good things: the kids, the jobs, the marriages, the promotions, the fortunes, and even—the serious fortune. Some were […]

What’s the Big Idea?

There’s a difference between mere talk and telling stories. Bump into a friend and you’ll hear about the kids, the job, the vacation. . . And while you’re happy for the news, it doesn’t add up to anything momentous or lasting. A story is much more than these bits and pieces. At its simplest, it’s […]

Tell Stories that Matter

We all tell stories, and creative people—from the boardroom to the alley—tell the best ones. A good story is something that strikes us as interesting, informative, maybe, and above all engaging. If it were a food, it might be described as meaty, or juicy, or fresh. Stories that don’t really matter are optional, like the […]

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