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Where’s Your Story Going?

As I’ve written before in this blog, a pair of magnificent ospreys took up an unlikely residence on the power pole at a key intersection in my town, built a huge stick nest, and then another when the power people took the first one down. The ospreys set up housekeeping, one bird keeping a vigil […]

The Narrative Arc of a Few Remarks

The other night, I was at a dinner to celebrate the recipients of a local college’s award of honorary doctorates. The formal festivities—robes donned, longer speeches—were the next day. This gathering was an intimate prelude among friends and colleagues. After dinner, a few of the honorees were scheduled to give brief remarks and I was […]

How to Write a Winning Scene

What makes a great scene, anyway? A great scene is one that fully engages your reader by triggering a powerful emotional response. It doesn’t matter what the response is—fear, lust, envy, despair, pain, joy, shock, you name it—an emotionally engaged reader will continue to read. This is what you want. Now, how to get there?  […]

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