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How Long Does It Take?

Many, many decades – The esteemed Elizabeth Bishop, on one line of poetry, the comma moved back and forth. 25 years – Steven Spielberg, on his latest film “Red Tails.” 30 years – Frank McCourt on Angela’s Ashes. 2 months – Richard Paul Evans, author of eleven New York Times best-sellers, including Finding Noel and […]

The Good, the Bad, and the Unclear

What went well these past twelve months, and what could have gone better? I’m supposed to ask myself this every quarter—it’s in the plan!—but that part of the plan, two years running now, has fizzled. Still, it’s not too late: 1.  TIME On a good day, I can look up and be amazed that five […]

The Element of Time (and God)

Recently, I bumped into author Jon Winokur—online, that is, where everyone meets. I recognized his name from the first communication, as I have one of his earliest books, The Portable Curmudgeon. The email said that he gave this site a thumbs-up mention on his blog, and so I sent a thank you. Using Twitter, I […]

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